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Sarah Elizabeth Franer at 32.

​Granny Franer's home as it sits today. She taught her grandson, Tom Heil, the recipe for her noodles in this very house over 50 years ago.

Our Story

"We sell more than noodles. We sell tradition, and a family recipe that is
 more than a century old, made with the highest quality ingredients
that is the perfect blend of spices and herbs to create a taste that cannot be matched in texture, richness or  flavor." 

Like many of us, there seemed to be one thing that made our family unique. For us, the uniqueness came from those great Sunday afternoon dinners, or family reunions at Granny Franer's, where she would make her chicken and noodles, then whip up some mashed potatoes and serve them both in the most mouth watering creamy broth that you just couldn't get enough of. As I recall this story those vivid memories still endure.

I can still picture her carefully measuring different flours, spices, seasonings and eggs that she would separate.Then in amazing speed put everything together in this huge bowl and mix with her hands until she got what she said was the "right feel". I never really understood that "right feel " phrase until the tender age of 10, when I started making the noodles also. Now after thousands of dough balls I know what that means. No, I can't describe it! Once the right feel was there, Granny Franer would wait for a while then turn this huge ball of dough on her kitchen table and slowly start rolling the noodles out with an oak rolling pin. With amazing precision she could roll them out to a super huge thin flat layer. Since there were 13 kids, you can imagine the table size, somehow the noodles stretched end to end. Then, quicker than you could say "can I help?", she would have the noodles cut and ready. To this very day I would swear she could cut noodles quicker than any machine!

​We want you to experience that same feeling of togetherness we had, and maybe relive a little bit of that lost childhood when innocence and wonderment gave way to sheer joy with each mouth watering bite of Granny Franer's Homemade Chicken n Noodles. Look for us at a festival or event near you, then relax and get ready to eat. Dinner is almost ready, come join us, won't you?

Tom Heil