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5 Noodle Facts

The Granny Franer Difference

My grandmother raised me and taught me her noodle recipe over 50 years ago. Today, we still use the same blend of spices, and continue to develop fresh sauces and butter blends to go along with our traditional Granny Franer favorites.

Here are some important facts we thought you would find informative.

  1. Flour- We use a proprietary blend of Semolina and Durum flour. It is expensive, but in our opinion, worth it. This provides our firm but tender texture. Its not that "gummy" taste.

  2. Eggs- We prefer shell eggs, however for everyone's safety, we use pasteurized egg yolks and whole eggs. We have found zero loss of flavor or quality.

  3. Spices- Granny Franer's has a blend of spices that goes in every batch of our noodles. We use only the highest quality available from around the world.

  4. Fresh Noodles- The sheeting, also called rolled process, gives our noodles unique characteristics. This is visible and the porous nature of the fresh noodle helps attract, or cling to the sauce.

  5. Healthy- Our noodles have a significantly higher amount of essential nutrients. Feel free to ask us for this important information.