As Seen On Food Network

"My kids love these noodles. Of course I am hooked too! Lol."
"OMG! These are just like my grandma's!" 
"Ambrosia..The noodles were fantastic and the chili rocks!"
"We waited in line for 40 minutes. It was worth it! The most unbelievable experience at the festival!"

Here are a few comments from our customers:

​"They make the noodles, mash the potatoes, and make the chili right on the spot. The food is to die for." 
"My mom told me to get here and get her some noodles for Thanksgiving. I would have been killed if I didn't!" 
"To watch them make the noodles and then see the whole process. It is just an art!"
"Wow! Just awesome. We come every year just for the noodles!"

"We traveled four hours to get these noodles. There is nothing like them."